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About Us


Prime artisan extractors hold a monumental standard of integrity and perfection, promoting our trademark process to create a superior product.

Made from the most unimaginable source material in the world, the Prime team works meticulously with elite breeders and mindful cultivators to create a paramount that renders a unique composition; an authentic flavor, appearance, aroma, and effect.


Trendsetters, inventors; these are just a few of our pursuits to set our own president in the industry. Accompanied by creative strategies, we are constantly reinventing a surprising blend of textures, cake frostings, and pristine flavors. 

  • Quality since 2010
  • Fresh, local ingredients
  • All natural and organic
  • Carefully hand selected
  • Complex flavor profiles
  • Tested for quality

Ultra Pure, Clean Products

Prime Concentrate Lines

Terp Waxes & Sauces

  • Terp Waxes & Sauces is an extremely potent cannabis concentrate containing high levels of terpenes. It contains up to 60% more flavor molecules than your standard shatter or wax. For the cannaisseurs.

Ultra Premium Live Resin

  • Live Resin is a type of cannabis concentrate that utilizes fresh plant material immediately following harvest, which is then frozen to and throughout the extraction process. This technique allows live resin to withhold a higher terpene content. 

Premium Cured Resin

  • Cured resin extraction is concentrates made from cannabis that is fresh, dried, cured, and manicured. It is crucial that the product is handled in a clean, cool, sterile environment to preserve cannabinoids and terpenes.

Silver Label Affordable

  • Silver Label, cured products made up of good quality flower and sugar trim. Our Silver Label is not quite as exceptional as our other lines. This line is still visually appealing and offers a flavorful experience.

Cannabis Derived Terpenes

  • Terpenes are fragrant oils that give cannabis its aromatic diversity. Terpenes are by no means unique to cannabis; they can be found in many other herbs, fruits, and plants as well.

CBD & THC Capsules

  • If you’re looking for an effective and efficient way to orally dose your cannabinoids in a manner that’s free of unwanted calories and unnecessary ingredients, then cannabis capsules may just be your answer.